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#OwnVoices YA Fiction

The Own Voices movement, a term coined by author Corinne Duyvis, refers to authors from marginalized or underrepresented groups writing about characters who sha ...
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New YA Fiction

Check out some recently released YA fiction!

Timeless Mythology

Mythology forms the backbone of all the cultures in the world. They are also fun and highly entertaining, and their continuing relevance is evident in the fact that ...
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True Graphic Novels

Have you ever wanted to read a comic book that featured something a little closer to real life? Check out a sampling of graphic novels that share real life experiences!

YA Mysteries and Thrillers

Do you like your stories to be heart-pounding...or deadly? Check out a mystery or thriller novel this summer and feel the suspense take over!

YA Nonfiction

Do you want your next read to be based on the truth? Check out one of these nonfiction reads!

YA Romance

Do you love a good meet-cute? Are you dreaming about a happily ever after? Check out a YA romance and have a summer fling with a good book!

YA Science Fiction and Fantasy

Magical powers, mermaids, dragons and werewolves await in your next science fiction or fantasy read this summer! Pick one up and lose yourself in a different world!

Believe in the Impossible

Take a trip to lands of incredible creatures and never-ending adventures. These books will take you to faraway places and beyond! Imagine Your Story and believe in the impossible.

Teen Life's an Adventure

Books have been transporting people to other places and times for hundreds of years. There's something about stories that continue to captivate us. Imagine Your Story through this adventurous list.

Adult Imagination Train

Fairytales and fantasy books aren't just for kids. Are you looking to discover new worlds and exciting characters to fall in love with? Check out these books and Imagine Your Story.

Imagine and Journal with Nature!

Art journaling and journaling topics abound on the Niagara Falls Public Library shelves.  Imagine, expand, and deepen your story with a plethora of prompts and inspiration.